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Certification Logic Certification
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Expiry 5 years


CCLP1 (or a suitable changeover) is required for any operative wishing to work on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) installations and appliances. In addition, candidates must hold the relevant appliance element for the work they wish to undertake.

Assessment overview

The candidate will be assessed in the following areas:

  • Gas safety legislation and standards
  • Gas emergency actions and procedures
  • Installation of pipework and fittings
  • Installation of pipework and fittings
  • Tightness testing and purging (natural gas installations of total IV < 0.035 m³)
  • Appliance pipework connections
  • Unsafe situations, use of emergency notices and warning labels for pipework
  • Operation and positioning of emergency isolation controls and valves
  • Products and characteristics of combustion
  • Checking and/or setting meter regulators (and supply/appliance regulators)
  • Unsafe situations
  • Use of emergency notices and warning labels
  • Operation and checking of appliance gas safety devices and controls
  • Re-establish existing gas supply and relight appliances
  • Ventilation and flueing (make-up and extract)


For the initial assessment candidates must meet the entry requirements as laid out in guidance note 8 for category 1, 2, and 3 entrants (see ACS scheme rules).

For the re-assessment candidates must have held the CCCN1 previously - if this has expired within 12 months of the assessment date the initial assessment must be undertaken.


5 years. Candidates can undertake the re-assessment of any element up to 6 months early without losing any time (MOT Style). Previous certificates must be produced at the time of assessment as evidence.

LPG CORE Courses Appliances


  • ACOPS or equivalent for operatives in the LPG industry not covered by Gas Safe registration please contact for advice
  • CCLP1 PD Core LPG Permanent Dwellings
  • CCLP1 LAV Core LPG Leisure Vehicles
  • CCLP1 RPH Core LPG Residential Park Homes
  • CGLP1Small gas-fired generators
  • CCLP1 B Core LPG Boats
  • CCLP1 E/P Core LPG External Pipework

LPG Change Over Courses

  • CoNGLP1 PD Change-over to Permanent Dwellings
  • CoNGLP1 RPH Change-over Domestic to LPG Residential Park Homes
  • CoNGLP1 LAV Change-over Domestic to Leisure Vehicles
  • CoNGLP1 B Change-over Domestic to LPG Boats
  • CoNGLP1 CMC Change-over Domestic to LPG Mobile Catering Equipment

Caravan Specific Appliance

  • HTRLP2 install service caravan space heaters
  • REFLP 1 install service and fault find LPG Refrigerators

Leisure Vehicle Specific Appliance

  • HTRLP3 install service Leisure Vehicle space heaters

LPG Tanks and Vessels

  • Fusion Welding
  • LPG Vessel Single
  • LPG Vessels Multiple
  • LPG Cabinet Heaters
  • LPG Liquid Lines phone for specific information


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NTS Courses Gas ACS - Core LPG